Niche applications of metal hydrides and related thermal management issues

M. Lototskyy, B. Satya Sekhar, P.Muthukumar, V.Linkov, B.G.Pollet.

System for Hydrogen Storage and its Supply to LT PEMFC Power Modules

M. Lototskyy, I. Tolj, M.W. Davids, P. Bujlo, F. Smith, B.G. Pollet Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2015) Article # JALCOM32936

The Use of Metal Hydrides in Fuel Cell Applications, Progress in Natural Science

M.V. Lototskyy, I. Tolj, L. Pickering, C. Sita, F. Barbir, V. Yartys

End-Use Applications

Comparative analysis on various reformers supplied with different fuels and integrated with high temperature PEM fuel cells

H.R.Ellamla, P.Bujlo, C.Sita, S.Pasupathi

Development of a Portable Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell System using Metal Hydride as the Hydrogen Storage Medium

M.W. Davids, I. Tolj, T.-C. Jao, M. Lototskyy, S. Pasupathi, C. Sita

Fuel cell and lithium iron phosphate battery hybrid powertrain with an ultracapacitor bank using direct parallel structure

Changjun Xie, Xinyi Xu, Piotr Bujlo, Di Shen, Hengbing Zhao, Shuhai Quan Journal of Power Sources 279 (2015) 487-494

Hybrid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell-Lithium-Ion Battery Power train Testing Platform – Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Emulator

P. Bujlo, C.J. Xie, D. Shen, O. Ulleberg, S. Pasupathi, G. Pasciak, B.G. Pollet.

Modeling and control of the output current of a Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell system

K.K.Justesen, S.J.Andreasen, S.Pasupathi, B.G.Pollet

PEMFC for aeronautic applications: A review on the durability aspects

N. Dyantyi, A. Parsons, C. Sita, S. Pasupathi.

Performance of electric forklift with low-temperature polymer exchange membrane fuel cell power module and metal hydride hydrogen storage extension tank

M.V.Lototsky, I.Tolj, A.Parsons, F.Smith, C.Sita, V.Linkov

Review: Current status of fuel cell based combined heat and power systems for residential sector

H.R. Ellamla, I.Staffell, P.Bujlo, B.G. Pollet, S.Pasupathi

Dr Lydia Pickering

Dr Lydia Pickering

BSc & PhD in Materials Science
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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