Solid State Hydrogen

Solid State Hydrogen


To develop, test and validate safe and efficient technologies for hydrogen storage, compression and Seperation/Purification utilising Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Materials (Metal Hydrides).


Light-weight hydrogen storage materials (up to 7.6 wt.% H) with exceptional kinetics of H2 uptake and release.
Poisoning-tolerant Metal Hydride (MH) materials and routes for their preperation from local feedstock.
Prototype systems for H2 storage, thermally-driven H2 compression, H2 Seperation/Purification.


KP2-S01 – MH H2-Storage for LT-PEMFC power systems – Near-term focus – MH H2 storage units for 0.5 to 5 kW portable and standby systems
KP3-S02 – On-board use of metal hybrides for utility vehicles – Near-term focus – MH H2 storage systems for FC powered forklift trucks
KP3-S04 – On-board hydrogen storage – Near-term focus – Advanced lightweight Mg-based Nanocomposites for H2 storage
KP8-SO2 – Metal hydride integrated energy systems – Near term focus – Refuelling systems for H2-fuelled forklifts based on MH compressor